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consumo di suolo ZERO

“I am Lenka Yvonne Roosendaal and I am currently studying in the painting department in the Czech Republic at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. In my work, I focus on capturing the inner and poetically stylized space which I use as an utopic representation of a female world in which I like to question the problematic of the female identity. I mainly use the environment that is surrounding me as inspiration. My paintings resemble a conversation between the past and the future. The past is mostly captured with the use of lace that I like to compose into the paintings. The first lace that I used was donated to me from my grandmother. After that I started to collect lace from the local charity shops. The lace patterns change as the environment and becomes a part of the environment that creates the local signature style.
I am interested in visiting the quarries that were referred to at your website. I would like to study them through sketches. I would also like to address the local women to participate”.

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