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Rossonove call 2024

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Artist in Residency Calls 2024
(description of the offer below)


“We should feel intimately that we have slipped from a simple ecological crisis to what should rather be called a profound mutation in our relationship with the world”. Bruno Latour

Ecological conflicts concern space and life in a primary, basic, ancestral way. The aim of our activity is to promote points of view, alternative imaginary for the place we have chosen to live, the Ligurian coast.
We believe that these places need to be seen through the eye of the wandering artists and that the ability they have to fertilize, like enzymes, the imagination of the people they meet.

We have designed this call to be super simple and fast to apply.

Should take you 10 minutes. Check the character of the locations, if they resonate with your work.
We read and respond to everyone, we value your time as you value ours 😉

The Call for Artist Residencies 2024 by April 15 2024

Tell us about the way you work, make a proposal about what triggers you about us and introduce yourself with your words, your images, drawings, sounds, …

  • We do not require a specific format, a minimum age or a huge CV: this call is open to everyone.
  • We are welcoming proposals from artists with any discipline background, at begin or advanced stage of their career.
  • We like to give you as much freedom as possible in introducing yourself to the residency. Familiarize yourself with the locations we propose for this year. You can use the information we have already published on the website.
  • We wish to see some of your work and a short proposal were you show us what you would like to do when in residency.
    • send an email with your proposal for 2024 to before 15th of April 2024
    • link us to a relevant sample of your work

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